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Film Studies

A Guide to Film Studies at Dalhousie







Academic Search Premier  

Perform a search (ie, "Welles and Citizen Kane" or "Lynch and Blue Velvet") and choose "Academic Journals".





America: History & Life  

For best results search filmmaker together with film title: ie, "Reed and Third Man", "Ford and Stagecoach".

Use phrase searching for names and film titles (ie, "Lincoln Lawyer" and review; "atom egoyan" and "sweet hereafter")




Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text  

Perform a search (ie, "Television violence and aggression") and choose Publication Type = "Academic Journal". Apply limits and filters to search results.


Film Literature Index  

Indexes 150 film and television periodicals from 30 countries. Search by subject headings, names, production titles, or by corporate names.





Gale Virtual Reference Library

Click on "Arts" in subject list, and then choose "International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers".




Historical Abstracts  

For best results search director's name together with film title or concept (ie, "Luis Bunuel and surrealism").



International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance with full text  

Perform search (ie, "Lynch and Blue Velvet") and choose "Academic Journals".



For best results choose "Advanced Search" and limit by Type=Article.



            MLA International Bibliography  
Perform a search (ie, "Hitchock and Rear Window") and select the "Peer-eviewed Journals" tab.


Periodicals Archive Online  

For best results, combine the director's name and film title in your search: ie, "Lynch and blue velvet", "Hitchcock and rear window".


Project Muse  

Searching "All Fields except text" yields more focused results than "All Fields (w/text)".
            Research Library  
For most relevant results, perform a search (ie, "Waters and Hairspray") and then choose "Scholarly Journals" tab.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb): Born Today

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