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A guide to Theatre Studies.

Key Journals

Journals are scholarly peer-reviewed publishing.  The links below go to a particular database; older and newer issues may be available in paper or through a different database.  Use Novanet to search for these other versions.  Recent paper issues be with the journals on the second floor of the Killam, older issues will be bound and on the shelves in the PN section.

Theatre Journal

Features social and historical studies, production reviews, and theory and analysis.

PN 3171 E25 Killam


PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

Reviews, artists' writings, interviews, essays, historical documentation, reports on international performances, book reviews, and performance texts and plays.

PN 1560 P4 Killam

Canadian Theatre Review

Critical analysis and innovative coverage of Canadian theatre.  Emphasis on thematic issues, historically marginalized communities, and promoting new voices.  Each issue contains a full playscript, articles, and reviews.

PN 2009 C3 Killam

Theatre Research in Canada/ Les Recherches théâtrales au Canada

Explores theatre in Canada from historical and theoretical perspectives.  Publient des articles qui explorent les dimensions théoriques et/ou historiques du théâtre au Canada. Previously known as Theatre History in Canada

PN 2101 T45 Killam

Modern Drama

Formal and historical consideration of dramatic literature of the past two centuries.

PN 1861 M68 Killam

TDR: The Drama Review

Performance within social, economic, and political contexts; avant-garde, experimental, intercultural, and interdisciplinary practices.  Includes articles, theory, interviews, texts of performance works, and translations of new and archival writings.

PN 1601 T91 Killam

Comparative Drama

Scholarly journal devoted to interdisciplinary and international studies.

PN 1601 C6 Killam


eJournal dedicated to the study of all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman performance.

Journal Collections

Journal collections will contain many of the resources listed in this guide, and also titles that have a narrower scope, such as drama specific to a nationality or country.

Trade Publications

Trade publications are magazines specific to a professional field.  The subject matter is more practical and general than in journals, and the articles are not peer-reviewed.


The premier source for entertainment news and analysis.

PN 2000 V3 Killam Microfilm

American Theatre

Publication for the Theatre Communcations Group (TCG), the national organization for American theatre.  Includes Canadian material

PN 2000 A52 Killam

Live Design

A creative and technical magazine for live entertainment professionals of projection, lighting, sound, and staging.

PN 2000 T48 Killam


Theatre Design & Technology is a quarterly that covers architecture, costume design and technology, education, engineering, health and safety, lighting, management, scene design, sound design, and technical production.

NA 1 T45 Killam Library

Back Stage

Magazine for performers, including casting notices, career advice, and articles.

Online Journals and Magazines