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A guide to Theatre Studies.

What is Reference?

Reference materials include dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, critical surveys, and other sources that can provide an introduction or clarification of basic ideas. 

Online References

Oxford Dictionary of Theatre and Performance

International scope, contemporary and historical, includes short definitions and lengthy considerations.

OED Online: a historical dictionary tracing the English language over 1000 years. Use to discover historic definitions traced through quotations from sources like classical literature and film scripts.

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Credo Reference: hosts 550 reference titles including Shakespeare's Theatre: A Dictionary of His Stage Context, and The Cambridge Guide to Theatre

Use the search box below to do a general search, or the links above to search in a specific source.

Theatre Reference Books in Print at the Killam

Acting: An International Encyclopedia / Beth Osnes

PN 2035 O84 2001 REF

American Literary and Drama Reviews : an index to late nineteenth century periodicals / Patricia Marks
PN 2256 M37 1984 REF

Columbia encyclopedia of modern drama edited by Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn
PN 1861 C65 2007 REF

Contemporary Theatre, Film, and Television
PN 2012 W623 REF (1984+)

Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre / Colin Chambers
PN 2035 C65 2002 REF

Critical Survey of Drama / editor, Carl Rollyson
PN 1625 C68 2003 REF

Dictionary of Literary Biography
PN 451 D5 REF

Dictionary of the Theatre: Terms, Concepts, and Analysis / Patrice Pavis
PN 2035 P313 1998 REF

Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre / Kurt Gänzl
ML 102 M88 G3 2001 REF

A guide to critical reviews / Ed. by James M. Salem
PN 2266 S342 REF

The International Dictionary of Theatre / Ed. by David Pickering
PN 2035 I49 1992 REF (3 vols)

The Ivan R. Dee Guide to Plays and Playwrights / Trevor R. Griffiths
PN 2035 G73 2003 REF

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama : an international reference work in 5 volumes / Ed. by Stanley Hochman
PN 1625 M3 1984 REF (5 vols)

Modern Drama Scholarship and Criticism, 1966-1980 & 1981-1990 / Charles A. Carpenter
PN 1851 C37 1986 REF & PN 1851 C37 1997 REF

The New Penguin Dictionary of the Theatre / Deborah Chapman
PN 1625 F27 2001 REF

New York Times Directory of the Theater
PN 2052 N48 REF

Original British Theatre Directory
PN 2595 B74 REF

The Oxford Companion to American Theatre, 3rd ed. / Gerald Martin
PN 2220 B6 2004 REF

Oxford Companion to Canadian Theatre / Eugene Benson
PN 2301 O93 1989 REF

Oxford Companion to Indian Theatre / Ananda Lal
PN 2881 O95 2004 REF

Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance / Dennis Kennedy
PN 2035 O94 2003 REF

The Theatre Listing / Professional Association of Canadian Theatres
PN 2308.5 T45 2003 REF

Twentieth-century British and American theatre : a critical guide to archives / C.D. Innes
PN 2266 I55 1999 REF

The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre / Ed. by Don Rubin
PN 1861 W67 1994 REF (6 vols)