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A guide to Theatre Studies.

Library Research

The Library collects print and digital material to support student research. Library resources are organized according to standard classifications and listings that are intended to ease the process of finding information. Everything the library owns is included in the Novanet Catalogue, our online database. Printed resources and other physical objects (ie, videos, CDs, DVDs) are assigned "call numbers," alpha-numeric codes that do two things: place the item next to others on the same or similar topics, and provide a physical marker for the item's location on the library's shelves.  Digital materials, such as databases, e-Books, and e-Journals, are included in Novanet and also listed on our web pages.

Library research has always been a two-step process: identify the items you need, then determine if the library owns them. Databases are useful for identifying material because they attempt to cover the known universe of available information on a given topic. Novanet brings this down to the local level by letting you know if we own it.


Use these databases to find scholarly articles on your research topic. Search results will often include references to books and chapters of books.

Reference Shelf

These are shelved in the Reference Collection behind the Research Assistance Desk in the Learning Commons South.

Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama PN 1861 C65 2007
Continuum Companion to Twentieth Century Theatre PN 2035 C65 2002
The Ivan R. Dee Guide to Plays and Playwrights PN 2035 G73 2003
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama (5. vols.) PN 1625 M3 1984
The International Dictionary of Theatre (3. vols.) PN 2035 I49 1992
Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance PN 2035 O94 2003
The World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre (6 vols.) PN 1861 W67 1994