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A guide to Theatre Studies.


Canadian Theatre Review, 1974-current

PN 2009 C3 Killam

Theatre Research in Canada/ Les Recherches théâtrales au Canada 1992-current.  As Theatre History in Canada 1980-1991

PN 2101 T45 Killam

Essays in Theatre, 1982-2004

PN 2001 E8

Canada on Stage, 1965-1986

PN 2300 C3

Online Resources


Canadian Monologues and Scenes

Books & eBooks in the Killam Collection

Finding Canadian Plays

Search in the subject heading of Novanet for:

Canadian drama

Canadian drama 20th century

Did you know that Dalhousie Special Collections has a mandate to collect all Canadian small press publications, and that this collection contains many Canadian playscripts?

When searching for plays in Novanet you may find this as the shelf location

This refers to the Special Collections library on the 5th floor of the Killam.  The reference librarian there will be happy to bring out the material that you are looking for.  In library use only. is the website for the Canada Research Chair for Performance & Culture.

Chronology is an interactive time-line that compares Canadian theatrical events with UK/Irish/American events.