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Graduate Research in Law

A guide to the library resources for the graduate programmes at Dalhousie Law School.

Google Power Searching

Google is a powerful search tool that is often underutilized.  By using power search features you can conduct more effective searches and filter your results.

  1. Search for any term by entering the word. e.g. alabaster will find every public webpage with the term alabaster.
  2. Using quotation marks ("  ") around words tells google to search for a phrase.
    •  star wars = all pages with the word star AND wars
    • "star wars" = all pages with the phrase "star wars"
  3. Using domain limiters (e.g.: .org, .edu, .ca, .int) restricts your research to pages with that domain name.
    • butterfly = all pages with the term butterfly on websites in the .ca (Canada) domain.
  4. Using file type restricters to search for specific types of documents such as PowerPoint presentations or PDF documents. This allows you to more easily locate conference proceedings, or officially posted documents.
    • covenant filetype:pdf will find all pages with the term covenant in a PDF document.

For more Google search tips, visit Google's Search Operators page.

  • Canadian Domain: .ca
  • Canadian Federal Government Domain:
  • Nova Scotia Domain:
  • Nova Scotia Government Domain:
  • American Educational Institutions: .edu
  • International Organizations: .org or .int

 Try these searches below in the Google Scholar search box...