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Graduate Research in Law

A guide to the library resources for the graduate programmes at Dalhousie Law School.


Managing your information sources is an essential research task that should be planned even before the literature review begins.  By organizing your citations you will be able quickly locate sources as you need them for writing and citing. 

Gather and record complete citations and well as annotations that summarize the content and important notes for later. 

Michels, David and David Blaikie. “’I took up the case of the stranger’ - Arguments from Faith, History and Law” In Randy Lippert and Sean Rehaag eds, Sanctuary Practices in International Perspectives (New York: Routledge Press, 2012).

This is a comparative analysis of justifications for the practice of ecclesiatical sanctuary as reported in Canada, UK and USA news media. Identified theological as well as philosophical differences in the national sanctuary movements.

Records can be managed using a print cataloguing system or using free or subscription bibliographic software.

Comparison of Common Bibliographic Software

Software Publisher Recent Version
Cost Notes
Refworks Refworks 2010-05 US $100/year web-based, browser-accessed, centrally-hosted program. Compatible with Mac and Windows, Integration with MS Word, OpenOffice, and Mac Pages.
Mendeley Mendeley 2012-11-15 (1.5.2) Free Desktop & Web components, iPhone and iPad. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Integration with MS Word and OpenOffice.
EndNote Thomson Reuters 2012 (X6) US $299 Includes EndNote Web account. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Integration with MS Word.
Zotero Center for History and New Media at GMU 2012-07-26 (  Free / Online storage free up to 300 MB / Additional storage space available Firefox extension or stand-alone with connectors for Chrome and Safari. Compatible with Mac and Windows. Integration with MS Word, OpenOffice, Mac Pages, Google Docs.

Comparison of Reference Managers, (March, 2013)

Importing Citations from Westlaw and LexisNexis

Presently there is no means to export citations directly from Westlaw or LexisQuicklaw. You can manually enter the citation information and then upload your pdf document to your preferred reference manager. 

Zotero can search pdf documents downloaded from Westlaw or LexisQuicklaw for meta-data to import. The guide below will demonstrate this process.