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History of Dalhousie University

A guide for researching the history of Dalhousie University

Resources in the University Archives

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Dalhousie University Reference Collection

Examples include:

Key Facts

  • Started as the Department of Science in 1877, became the Faculty of Science in 1880/81, became the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science in 1891/92, and the Faculty of Arts and Science in 1906

  • The first Master of Science degree was awarded in 1904 to W.H. Ross

  • Today’s Faculty of Science founded was in 1987

  • In its first full year (1988), today’s Faculty of Science had 233 regular staff, with at least fifty percent working full time

  • Prime Minister Brian Mulroney visited the Faculty of Science on March 6, 1990, touring the Marine Gene Probe Laboratory

Key People

Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies