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History of Dalhousie University

A guide for researching the history of Dalhousie University

Key Facts

  • Between 1930 and 1950, Dalhousie had awarded three hundred masters degrees without a Graduate Studies faculty
  • The Faculty was stablished in 1949
  • Seventy to eighty students registered for their Master of Arts or Master of Science in first year of FGS
  • Fees were set at $100 to $150 per year
  • Degrees available in the faculty’s first year: for a Master’s of Arts; Classics, Economics, English Language and Literature, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Public Administration, Philosophy, Political Science; for a Master’s of Science; Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and Physiology
  • 95 Master’s, 45 PhD and 10 graduate certificate and diploma programs available as of 2017
  • Graduate students are represented by a separate student union known as the Dalhousie Association for Graduate Students

Resources in the University Archives

President's Office fonds

Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students

Deans of the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Key People