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International Law


Guide to International Treaties and Documents, with Specific Reference to the Collection of the Sir James Dunn Law Library

NOTE: Materials with "BIBL" or "REF" added to the call number can be found in the Bibliographies/Reference materials on the main floor. Materials with "RES" added to the call number are on 2-hour Reserve, and can be obtained from the Circulation Desk. Most other materials are on the 1st floor (general loan) or 3rd floor (serials and periodicals). If you cannot find an item, please check it on Novanet to see if it has been checked out, recatalogued, or removed for mending.

General Bibliographies

Bibliographies of Specific Subjects

You may also find bibliographies published as articles in law journals, and some national yearbooks and journals contain overviews of literature, published in that country and/or the language of that country. As well, the Peace Palace Library regularly publishes bibliographies on various subjects—to find these, search the Novanet Catalogue for works by The Peace Palace Library as “Author”.

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Most of these encyclopedias and dictionaries give short accounts of subjects and references for further reading, some of them give translations of terms.

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State Treatment of International Law

State Practice on Specific Subjects

Resources on state practice on other subjects may also be available—please speak to a Reference Librarian if you need assistance finding materials.


P. Ratelle, "Canadian Practice in International Law/La pratique canadienne en matiere de droit international public" (1996) 34 Canadian Yearbook of  International Law, p.379-386.
   Serial - shelved on 3rd floor with journals
   online source: HeinOnline

United States



"Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law",
Monthly column in in American Journal of International Law
   Available in Print (3rd floor journals)
   online sources: Dal eJournals

Digest of United States Practice in International Law (1990- )
   online source: US Department of State

United Kingdom



"United Kingdom Materials on International Law" Annual overview in The British Yearbook of International Law
   Serial - shelved on 3rd floor with journals
   online source: HeinOnline


"Pratique Française de Droit International" Annual overview in the Annuaire Français de Droit International;
   Serial - shelved on 3rd floor with journals


Fontes Juris Gentium, series A, sectio II, tomus 1-7;

Deutsche Rechtsprechung zum Völkerrecht und Europarecht 1986-1993

Deutsche Rechtsprechung in völkerrechtlichen Fragen

   No holdings at Dalhousie, but may be available through Interlibrary Loan.

   online source: Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht (1986-2001)



Other Countries


International Law Reports (1919- )
Lauterpacht, ed.
   JX 68 I61
International Law in Domestic Courts
A regularly updated repository of domestic cases in international law from over 60 jurisdictions.
   online source: Oxford Reports on International Law


A survey of principal decisions of the European Court of Justice pertaining to international law is published regularly in the European Journal of International Law
   Serial - shelved on 3rd floor with journals
   online sources: Dal e-Journals

Many countries produce national journals and yearbooks on international law. These may contain overviews/summaries of cases before national courts relative to public international law (e.g. the Italian Rivista di diritto internazionale and the French Annuaire Français de Droit International, both shelved with the journals on the 3rd floor).

Although not restricted to international law, collections of materials relating to foreign relations and diplomatic practice can be helpful too.

Further Research

You can also find information in:
• national official journals or other legislation series
• press reports (the Lexis-Nexis database contains the full texts of many newspapers and reports by news agencies)
• press releases of ministries of foreign affairs
• records of parliamentary sessions
• government documents
• decisions by national courts
• ministerial/governmental archives
• treaty reservations and declarations
• voting records in international organizations
• reports of inter-governmental meetings
• comments made by governments on drafts, produced by the International Law Commission.

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