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Legal Aspects of Business

A research guide to support Legal Aspects of Business

Getting Started

Canadian Law

There are general sources online that explain Canadian Law. The sources they reference are good places to go for additional research.

Guides to Legal Research

There are a number of useful guides to legal research online. They will focus on the legal research process and offer tips and tool suggestions.  Often these are designed for law students and lawyers and a layperson. They may also make reference to online tools that require a subscription like WestlawNextcanada or LexisnexisQuicklaw.

Finding the Meaning of Legal Words and Phrases Online

Law like every discipline has its own terminology, and it is important to understand what each term means as the meaning is not always intuitive.  Acts (Statutes) often includes definitions of terms used in the Act. These are usually found in section 2 of the Act. A special act called the Interpretation Act includes definitions of terms commonly used in Canadian Federal Government Acts.

Third Party Dictionaries

There are also many excellent online legal dictionaries. Be aware that sometimes the Canadian use of a legal term may differ from the U.S, or U.K. use.

Legal Abbreviations

Legal documents make frequent use of abbreviations. The index below will help you interpret the most common abbreviations used in Canadian, U.K., and U.S. legal traditions.

Introductory Legal Texts for Business