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SUST 1000 / SUST 1001

This guide provides information resources for students of SUST 1000 and SUST 1001: Introduction to Environment, Sustainability, and Society.

Getting Started

These resources will help you to learn more about scientific journal articles and about how to plan your time.

Develop a Research Question & Identify Keywords

These resources will help you to learn more about developing a research question and identifying keywords for your search:

Evaluating Your Selections

Use these resources to learn how to evaluate whether the websites or resources you have found are credible sources.

Citation Styles -- Referencing

Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

Learn how to use AND, OR and NOT to connect words in a database search.

Truncation and Wildcards (*)

Learn how to use the asterisk (*) to increase the number of search results.

Core academic skills for students

Students! Not sure where to start? Looking to get a handle on some core skills that will help you with research? Look no further!

Visit our Core skills for resources on how to research like a pro!